Name of the bachelor's degree program: Horticultural Engineering BSc

The degree level that can be obtained in the bachelor's program and the indication of the qualification in the diploma

  • education level: basic (baccalaureus, bachelor; abbreviated: BSc-) degree
  • professional qualification: horticultural engineer
  • name of the bachelor's degree program in Hungarian: Kertészmérnöki BSc.

Field of training: agriculture

The duration of the training in semesters: 6+1 semesters for full-time courses

Specializations in full-time and correspondence courses (from September 2021):

  • green industry and precision gardener (depending on the number of students)
  • ornamental gardener and plant application (depending on the number of students)
  • sustainable vegetable production (depending on the number of students)
  • integrated fruit growing (depending on the number of students)
  • viticulture and wine tourism (depending on the number of students)

The purpose of the training:

The goal of our significantly renewed training is to educate professionals with a modern approach who know the precision technologies used in horticultural production and the specifics of sustainable farming. During their studies, students acquire the knowledge necessary for environmentally conscious ornamental gardening and plant application; the specifics of integrated fruit growing; they acquire up-to-date knowledge of grape growing and get to know the diverse content and practical implementation of wine tourism; they learn precision vegetable growing procedures. The practical training of our students takes place in the modern plants of the partner companies, where they can meet a wide spectrum of horticultural production. Students applying for the renewed training can now choose from five specializations, which helps them to get deeper information in the field of specialization, chosen within the horticultural engineering program. The course is also available as a full-time dual type of training!

Master's degree courses you can choose from our school after obtaining the diploma: After completing the course, you have the option to start our Horticultural Engineering MSc course with full credits, or the credits can be partially taken into our Rural Development Agricultural Engineering MSc course (in Hungarian).

Admission requirements, how to apply for the program and the fee for the self-funded training can be read in detail in the admission information (

Curriculum of the course

The condition for completing the semester, depending on the subject: obtaining a colloquium (with a five-point evaluation), a practical certificate (with a five-point evaluation) or a signature. Method of assessment: paper, online test, independent homework, design task, presentation, etc.

Absolutory (acquiring a final certificate): completing the study and exam requirements prescribed in the curriculum, as well as the prescribed professional internships, obtaining all the credits prescribed in the curriculum.

Conditions for admission to the final exam: obtaining the final certificate (absolutory), submission and acceptance of the thesis/diploma thesis, application for the final exam. A successful final exam is a prerequisite for issuing a certificate certifying the completion of higher education.

Graduates of the BSc in horticultural engineering can find employment in: horticultural companies, urban economic companies, municipalities, botanical gardens, companies dealing with plant protection, research institutes, institutions performing consultancy tasks, organizations.


Responsible: Dr. Tímea Kiss (Associate Professor)
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