Our Faculty has a well-equipped, state-of-the-art agrochemical laboratory. In 2006, we established our independent service laboratory in the predecessor of the institution (Kecskemét College of Horticulture), which also supports teaching and research work. After the establishment of the laboratory's quality management system, in 2007 the National Accreditation Body accredited our Soil and Plant Testing Laboratory, which specialises in service. Since December 2007, our organisation has been quality certified for the analysis of physical and chemical parameters of soils, nutrients (macro-, meso- and microelements) and heavy metals in soil and plant samples. We undertake, among other things, accredited analyses of restricted, extended and complete soil samples and accredited leaf analysis.

In addition to the above, we also carry out soil tests for gardeners and other agricultural businesses using 1:2 and 1:5 aqueous soil extracts, as well as irrigation water and nutrient solution tests. We assist in the evaluation of results and work closely with farmers to develop a nutrient replenishment and nutrient solution plan for intensive, sprouted and field crops (peppers, tomatoes, strawberries, etc.).

The laboratory also provides producers with a range of other tests. For example, it determines with high precision the moisture content, gluten content, protein content, starch content of cereal samples (wheat, barley, maize), the oil content of oilseed crops (rape, soya, sunflower) and, on request, the mycotoxin content of cereals using the so-called ELISA method.

We also undertake the determination of the nutritional values (sugar, acid, starch and other contents) of fruit and vegetable samples in the course of research..

On request, our registered advisors can also prepare nutrient replenishment plans for farmers involved in AKG, ÖKO programmes or in nitrate-sensitive areas.

In cooperation with our experts, we undertake the preparation of soil protection plans for vineyards, orchards and forests before planting, for humus removal, irrigation and slurry application.

Accreditation registration number: NAH-1-1548/2019 - accreditation certificate.